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Singapore Delegation Visits Ai You Foundation for Philanthropic Studies


Singapore delegation for philanthropic studies visited Ai You Foundation on 23rd October, 2018. Seven delegation members from Tote Board, Singapore Pools, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre and iShine Cloud discussed the application of digital technologies on philanthropy with Ai You team. 

Mr. Zhigang Cong, the Chief Operation Officer of Ai You Foundation, started the discussion with a presentation on Ai You Foundation’s work, including the development of the foundation, programmes for children, venture philanthropy, Philanthropy Advisors etc. Mr. Cong also briefed the delegation on the achievements Ai You Foundation has made in big data technologies, namely data standardisation, office intellectualisation, data transformation, researches and application of blockchain, grant allocation management etc

At the end of the discussion, the Chief Executive of Tote Board, Mr. Fong Yong Kian introduced Tote Board and the development of philanthropy in Singapore. He expressed great interest in Ai You Foundation’s work and expectation of further communication and long-term cooperation.