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Established in 2004, Ai You Foundation (Ai You) is a national 5-A grade foundation with public fundraising certificate, initiated, managed and operated by entrepreneurs. Over the course of our development, we have devised a systematic professional model in the field of child assistance, engaged actively with the public, and experimented with novel solutions in both child health and child welfare. Ai You has received four China Charity Awards and has been designated a National Advanced Social Organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Additionally, we ranked first on Forbes China’s Top Charities list, received the Charity Organization Award from Responsible China, and, for multiple times, achieved perfect scores in the China Foundation Transparency Index.


In the field of child health, Ai You has focused on offering medical assistance to disadvantaged children for years. Through the continuous upgrading of methodologies, Ai You Child Health targets three core issues faced by children with serious diseases from underserved families—“Can’t Afford”, “Can’t Be Healed”, and “Great Sufferings”. In collaboration with top medical institutions across the country, our three child health programs—Ai You Young Heart, Ai You Angel, and Ai You Morning Star— have addressed “Can’t Afford” and provided medical assistance for over 70,000 children as of December 2020. Aware of gaps in healthcare development between different levels of jurisdictions, Ai You has designed a three-level medical intervention system, which adapts its assistance programs based on the distinct needs of primary-level, provincial, and national-level medical institutions. By improving the quality of healthcare services, Ai You’s three-level medical intervention system seeks to address “Can’t be Healed” and realize “local hospitalization for children with serious illnesses.” Committed to the ideal of “patient and family-centered care”, we have also established a number of Ai You Playrooms that bring together social workers, patients, and their families. By attending to the emotional, developmental, and familial needs of children undergoing treatments, we hope to ease the “Great Sufferings”, both physically and psychologically.


In the field of child welfare, Ai You Child Welfare targets orphans, de facto orphans, as well as children living in difficulties. By improving the quality of nursing services for orphans, providing supportive nursing services for de facto orphans, and extending schooling support to children living in difficulties, we hope to enable them to take on a new lease of life and a promise for a better future. As of December 2020, Ai You had provided care for over 13,000 sick orphans. Our child welfare service and child right and interest protection platform, composed of government departments, social organizations, donors, and other parties, had provided life and emotional support for almost 4,000 children.


Since its inception, Ai You has begun a process of datamation. After more than ten years of iterations, we have realized digitalization from application to program execution, and from fundraising to fund management. By perfecting the intelligent processing of online applications, we aim to further enhance efficiency. Additionally, the incorporation of blockchain technologies and donors’ account system have massively improved the transparency of the Foundation, making every donation traceable from source to use.


 “A Chance for Life, A Future for Children.” Ai You has consistently adhered to professionalism and standardization, pursuing transparent charity and measurable results. Through the constant exploration of systematic solutions to social problems, as well as the diverse range of projects and unique philanthropic methodologies, Ai You seeks to make a more diversified contribution to China’s public welfare sector.