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"At the beginning of 2020, the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19 not only put an unprecedented test on the medical sector of the whole nation in response to major public emergencies, but also provided a training ground for the civil charity sector."

All areas are being profoundly changed by the outbreak.

In business, the purchase of commodities was gradually transferred online in the post-SARS period, which contributed to the rise of Alibaba and JD.com. With online consumption having largely replaced offline consumption, services are also shifting from offline to online on a large scale under the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, and online services such as online education, online medical care and online local life have been basically realized. Wherever we are, we find ourselves surrounded by data and online services. The small health QR codes, for example, are supported by data.

Both the entire social environment and the era have turned a new page of comprehensive datamation. If the public welfare sector does not catch up from behind, it will be impossible for us to be aligned with advanced productivity, let alone talk with the business world in the same dimension. No matter we are willing or not, the trend of datamation will exist, and changes in the overall situation will occur. In the post-outbreak era, public welfare organizations must adapt to the development and changes of the times.

Ai You has attached great importance to information construction since its inception. Over the past more than ten years, Ai You has gradually entered the era of datamation through continuous iteration of “office automation-process going online-business digitalization foundation datamation”. In 2019, through the establishment of five major systems and one center, fundraising, business, administration, funds management, and donor feedback were all online and digitalized in Ai You.

The outbreak was also a comprehensive test of Ai You's achievement in online and datamation. During the Spring Festival and when employees worked from home, all work relating to fundraising, agreement signing, execution, supervision and feedback collection were carried out in online systems in an efficient, standardized and orderly fashion without any delay or quality degradation while compliance and transparency were ensured. In all, Ai You raised nearly 80 million yuan, provided support for more than 20,000 frontline medical workers, and donated more than 180,000 pieces of anti-epidemic supplies. This was not only an answer sheet submitted by Ai You, but also an embodiment of Ai You’s online and datamation deployment in the past 10 years.

Take a look at today from tomorrow, and you will find that it is already a new era. Ai You has always hoped to be a pioneer who is unafraid to try and has the courage to bring forth new ideas, so as to share more with the industry based on our own experiments and experience. Three years ago, we imagined that Ai You could become a data-driven foundation, and now we are getting closer and closer to this goal!