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王总坐像.jpgIn the past year, Pony Ma confirmed that he will donate 100 million stocks of Tencent Group to charitable works; China launched the Law of Philanthropic Regulations; the total amount of social donations reached to 100 billion RMB. Charity plays the role of transformers for rich people, as well as becomes a part of everyone’s daily life.


Ai You also experienced a lot of changes in 2016. It developed a new framework for Ai You Children’s saving projects. In addition to keeping the leading role of saving scale, Ai You started the first database for Children who had Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) surgeries. The 3D-printing technology supported by Ai You has been applied to clinical use, and successfully helped two children with complex CHD from Qinghai province. Besides, we made a breakthrough from the traditional project operating method, and started the project of “Children in Need” by combining top design with “light asset” from executive organizations. By the end of 2016, around 50,000 poor and orphaned children had been saved by Ai You projects. 

For Ai You Philanthropy +, we made some great changes as well. Initially, the grantees of Ai You Philanthropy + have been separated to two parts, of which names are called “Ai You Fellows” and “Ai You Start-Ups”. The change helps us to not only focus on the leaders in different charitable causes, but also put an eye on those early birds, who just set up their innovative ideas to practice in the charitable field. By the end of 2016, 100 organizations were funded by Ai You Social Venture department. Beyond the multi-dimensional grant-making, we created training plans for charitable operation and skills’ development, in order to help our grantees to strengthen themselves in all perspectives.

In 2016, Tesla successfully attracted the focus from all around the world. Thanks to Elon Musk's amazing imagination and great innovation, this new automobile brand surprised the whole world. It left the traditional auto industry behind, and brought new future experience to customers. In 2017, Ai You would like to be a pioneer like Tesla. Six years ago, Ai You used the power of internet to conduct the projects’ evaluation, which significantly improved the operational efficiency. Three years ago, we started to develop multi-tasks by not only focusing on scale of philanthropy, but also designing a theory of venture philanthropy with new ideas and creative actions. This year, Ai You will break the boundaries of industries. Philanthropy will no longer be an independent role. It will work together with other industries to welcome the challenge from this era. Impact investment and data philanthropy are not our new expectations. Instead, we need to equip ourselves with mobile internet and artificial intelligence. We anticipate in the near future that philanthropy will become a pioneer industry. Philanthropy will be easily linked to other industries after times of innovations and transformations. Well, this is my wish. Let’s start the action and wait the earlier arrival of that day.

Let philanthropy becomes everyone’s daily life!