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With professional team and systematic services, we bolster high-net-worth individuals and wealth families to engage in their philanthropic activities.

Through consulting and customizing systematic professional solutions, Philanthropy Advisor provides monitoring, evaluation, feedback and other project management services, creates a communication and empowering platform for the global philanthropist, assists high-net-worth individuals to establish their own philanthropic efforts and achieve their philanthropic goals.


1) Philanthropic strategy customization

Philanthropy Advisor provides consulting services to customers. At the beginning of a charitable cause, it assists the customer in sorting out its idea on philanthropy, breaks down the customer's philanthropy visions from different dimensions such as individuals, the enterprise, and the family and then makes them concrete. By dismantling the philanthropic goals, targeting charitable areas and positioning responses, Philanthropy Advisor will form a systematic long-term philanthropic strategy, and then assist the customer to establish an exclusive service mechanism based on the complexity of the strategic system.

2) Architecture and decision mechanism design

On the basis of establishing philanthropic strategies, Philanthropy Advisor will work with customers to customize systematic philanthropic solutions, and assist in the establishment of decisionmaking mechanisms for transactions and funds management on matters such as whether to set up independent foundations, whether to introduce charitable trusts and Donor Advised Fund (DAF) accounts, how to carry out investment management when funds have not been fully disbursed, and how to ensure the preservation and appreciation of assets.

3) Establishment, execution and management of philanthropic projects

With fifteen years of experience in charity, Ai You is able to assist the customers in carrying out project execution and turning their philanthropic "ideas" into philanthropic "deeds". In the whole process of project and empowering institution management, Ai You has developed a post-input management platform and an internal financial control and evaluation framework. From multiple perspectives of projects’ industry influence, internal management and financial compliance, Philanthropy Advisor maintains continuous tracking and process management on implementation to ensure the full implementation of the customers' overall philanthropic strategies.

4) Whole process monitoring, evaluation and feedback

Ai You's Philanthropy Advisor provides a systematic whole-process monitoring, evaluation and feedback mechanism which includes due diligence, agreement examination and approval, project tracking, execution feedback, etc. Through 10 grade one indicators, 32 grade two indicators and 101 scoring points, Philanthropy Advisor conducts threedimensional monitoring and objective evaluation of charitable projects. Meanwhile, it provides project feedback through various forms such as exclusive caring accounts, annual/monthly/weekly reports, and site visits to the projects.

5) Value-added services for charitable circles

Philanthropy Advisor provides diversified value-added charitable education services, professional and systematic courses on charity, immersive seminars, world-class charitable projects and international philanthropist exchanges. We are committed to enhancing the sense of mission and sense of honor of high-net-worth individuals, elevating wealth families' recognition of philanthropy, assisting the inter-generational inheritance of wealth, and creating influential philanthropists' circles.

Philanthropy 101 series for high-net-worth populations: the lesson series help individuals to systematically develop awareness and ideas on philanthropy, and find suitable paths for their own philanthropic efforts. Philanthropy 101 series have been made available successively on the platforms of enterprises such as ZRT, CreditEase, CEIBS Business Review • Zhejiang Business Leadership Camp, Hang Tang Wealth Management University, etc., covering participants of more than 1,600 persontimes.

Cultivation of the philanthropic consciousness of affluent second generations: Aiming at the second generations of different ages of wealth families, Philanthropy Advisor has designed and launched the Youth Leader Program on Charitable Action and the Parent-Child Program on Charitable Actions to bolster the inter-generational inheritance of family and entrepreneurs' philanthropic spirits.

Empowering corporate employees and enhancing cohesive force: Through a variety of forms such as lessons on philanthropy, charitable activities and workshops, Philanthropy Advisor provides the customers, partners and corporate employees within the platforms of enterprises with rich and diverse learning and charitable volunteering experiences, helping enterprises better practice their social responsibility. In 2019, Ai You joined hands with Didi Charity and Alibaba's Technical Committee to hold several customized charity empowerment activities.