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Ai You Impact Investment

Allying with our strategic partners such as Sequoia Capital, Ai You Impact Investing focuses on three specific domains, namely education, healthcare and environmental protection. By leveraging our resources and know-how of our institutional partners, we seek to reshape the future of these industries by making them more transparent and sustainable, paving the way for new changes and best practices of philanthropy in China.


Our goals are to bring high-end talents, advanced technology and diverse resources into philanthropy in order to build a healthy and more dynamic ecosystem of philanthropy while generating enthusiasm of the industry, and to enhance the problem-solving efficiency of social issues so as to drive larger scale of social capital into this matter.

Investment Process

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Our Portfolio

l  Lingxi

Lingxi is a software company and service provider for nonprofit organizations in China. Founded in 2012, the company has now served over 8000 nonprofit clients in China by the end of December 2017. Its services current include fund-raising, community engagement and support, online and offline trainings, and consultancy service for nonprofits.


l  Xiaofanzhuo

Xiaofanzhuo (or www.xfz.cn) is an online and offline community of Chinese start-up entrepreneurs. The company is founded in 2009, providing those start-up owners with high-quality media coverage and business education. By May 17, the company had served more than 4000 entrepreneurs and organized over 30 rounds offline trainings with 218 lectures giving. As per date, its media team has covered over 1000 start-ups and achieved more than 50 million of accumulated page views.


l  Koala Reading

Initially inspired by Lexile Framework for Reading in US, Koala Reading is an educational tool that aims at giving every child tailored reading recommendations based on his/her own Chinese reading capacity. Under the collaboration with leading universities/institutions such as Pekin University, Beijing Language and Culture University, and CILVR Lab of New York University, Koala Reading has developed its own reading framework covering K1-K12 education by using cutting-edge computer technology in machine learning and data mining. Up until August 17, Koala Reading Framework (also called ER Framework by the company) had over 61 thousand registered users while Koala Reading (the company’s product of reading solutions) had over 15 thousand registered users with a DAU of more than 600.