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The Empowerment Community


The Empowerment Community works on building a platform for personal development of charity workers, for communications between the business community and academia of different countries. It also injects vitality and channels more resources from all walks of life to build a thriving charity community in China.

In an era of transformation and reform, to optimize human resource structure in philanthropy and promote the development of charity organizations, the Empowerment Community aims at becoming a professional training platform for charity workers. We adopt professional perspectives and methodologies and use the best resources to provide tailored courses for trainees to cultivate their professionalism.

We expose trainees to wide-ranging courses and focus on helping them improve their weak link. We guide them through the process of becoming professional and multidisciplinary talent. Highlight the concept of cross-border learning, let learning to improve business progress, with changes in capacity of nonprofit organizations to promote changes in ability, and then promote the progress and development of the entire Chinese public welfare industry.

To broaden trainees’ horizon and benchmark with the best practices in other countries, we invite foreign experts to give lectures and export partners to Europe and the United States to learn the concept of exchange of public welfare. We are keeping in touch with world leaders in charity and demonstrating development in charity in China.

In 2017, the Empowerment Community launched the Ai You Charity Entrepreneurship Camp to introduce new ideas and provide funding for budding charity organizations. By now, 3000 trainees from over 300 organizations have taken training in the Community.